Table Top Ice Maker Machine

This Table Top Ice Maker Machine come with the intelligent LCD control, easy to operate, easy to clean, and ensure a hygienic environment. Thickening foam insulation, long time can maintain the cold degree, Suitable for coffee shops, milk tea shops, hotels, etc


Keeping drinks cold and refreshing is key for bars, restaurants, caterers and food trucks. This Commercial Table Top Ice Maker Machine delivers gourmet ice cubes on demand so you never run out.

This countertop ice machine continually churns out up to 33 lbs of crystal clear, chewable ice cubes per day using minimal electricity and water.

The stainless steel construction is durable for commercial use while the compact size fits almost anywhere.

With the ability to choose small or large cube sizes and user-friendly operation, this ice maker machine simplifies drink service and food presentation for customer satisfaction.


  1. Produces up to 33 lbs of ice daily.
  2. Choose small or large ice cube size.
  3. Durable stainless steel housing.
  4. Energy efficient operation.
  5. Water efficient design.
  6. Simple electric plug-in.
  7. Ice basket with handle.
  8. Scoop included.
  9. Ideal for indoor use.
  10. These units have an integrated storage bin for compact space utilization.
  11. Reliable operation and easy installation.
  12. Maximum performance, heavy duty machine.
  13. Stainless steel construction, hygienic and clean.
  14. Self-contained unit, easy to access ice, removable legs.

Continual Ice Production
Makes batches of ice cubes automatically to avoid running out during busy rushes.

Gourmet Chewable Ice Cubes Enjoy ice that melts slowly for better drink chilling compared to flaked or pellet ice.

User-Friendly The electric plug-in requires no complex water line hook-ups. Just fill and drain.

Durable for Commercial Settings The stainless steel housing allows the ice maker to withstand heavy daily use.

End ice shortages with the user-friendly Table Top Ice Maker. This countertop workhorse continually produces gourmet cubes to keep drinks perfectly chilled.

Order now ensure endless ice supply!

Daily Production:13kg/24h
Big Capacity:1.8kg
Net Weight:13.5kg

Overall Dimensions:

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