Spiral Dough Mixers

Shop our Spiral Dough Mixers online in Nigeria at affordable prices, this Spiral Dough Mixers available in different sizes 8kg, 12.5kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg. Your perfect solution for mixing good and yummy dough.



Due to the dollar rate fluctuation, we have decided to put off price of our product from the website, so as to avoid confusion and price misinformation or refunds—in rare cases, to keep both the parties safe (we: Adambay/You: Our Customers), to order any of this product or to find out about the best possible price of it in the market, kindly click on the button “Order on Whatsapp” in order to initiate the purchase of the product, Thanks for your Understanding and choosing us to be your equipment plug.


Knead to Perfection with the Spiral Dough Mixers

Whether you’re a baker, pizzaiolo, or chef, a high-quality dough is the foundation for incredible baked goods.

Our commercial Spiral Dough Mixers is designed to effortlessly knead your dough to perfection every time.

With its professional-grade mixing capabilities and sturdy stainless steel construction, this Spiral Dough Mixers streamlines prep work so you can concentrate on serving your customers.


  • Powerful motor for fast, thorough mixing
  • Spiral hook thoroughly kneads dough
  • Stainless steel bowl is durable and easy to clean
  • Variable speed control for customized mixing
  • Digital timer with auto shut-off
  • Safety interlocking bowl guard
  • Mobile base with locking casters
  • Available in 8kg, 12.5kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg.

Mix Doughs Fast and Evenly
The heavy-duty motor provides robust power to quickly knead stiff doughs.

The spiral hook continuously folds the dough for smooth, uniform consistency across the batch.

Handle Large Quantities with Ease With its sizable stainless steel bowl, this mixer makes quick work of sizable dough batches.

Effortlessly mix up to 20 loaves of bread or 40 pizza dough balls per batch.

Precision Control for Every Recipe The variable speed control allows you to fine-tune mixing speeds based on the recipe.

Gently knead delicate doughs or vigorously mix hearty bread doughs with a simple dial adjustment.

Hands-Free Operation Set the built-in timer to automatically stop mixing when desired dough consistency is reached.

The safety guard ensures the mixer won’t start unless the bowl is properly locked in place.

Easy Mobility The sturdy mobile base makes it simple to move the mixer anywhere in your workspace. Locking casters hold it steady during use.

Built to Last
From the rugged stainless steel construction to the commercial-grade transmission, this mixer is made to perform for years of continual use.

Take the work out of kneading with the Spiral Dough Mixers, Effortlessly make large batches of perfect dough for breads, pizza and more.

This high-powered mixer will streamline your prep work so you can focus on creativity.

Order now for fast, flawless dough kneading!

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