Snacks Food Warmer 3ft/4ft/5ft

This snacks food warmer help to warm, showcase and preserve your snacks and meats or fish from getting spoil, this is perfect solution for you to have in your shop and it’s available in different sizes, 3ft, 4ft and 5ft.


1. Keep your delicious dishes and snacks at the perfect serving temperature.

2. Showcase your culinary creations to entice customers and boost sales.

3. Maintain food freshness while preventing it from drying out or becoming soggy.


1. Boost customer satisfaction by serving hot and fresh food consistently.

2. Attract more customers and increase your sales with an appealing food display.

3. Reduce food waste and improve efficiency, saving both time and money.


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Keep Snacks Warm and Tasty with the Versatile Snack Food Warmer

The Snacks Food Warmer is the ideal countertop display unit for keeping hot prepared foods at optimum serving temperatures for extended periods.

Available in 3, 4, or 5 ft sizes, the snacks warmer uses gentle radiant heat to keep a variety of menu items hot and delicious for hours.

Product Breakdown:
Brand: Commercial Kitchen Supply Product: Food Warmer Key Feature: 3, 4, or 5 ft lengths

Key Features and Benefits

Adjustable Temperature Settings up to 200°F Dial in the precise warmth needed for different foods using the adjustable thermostat control. Keeps foods safe while maintaining quality textures.

Radiant Heat Technology Radiant heat gently warms foods without drying them out for superior moisture and taste retention compared to standard food warmers. Items remain fresher longer.

Tempered Glass Sneeze Guard Included The removable tempered glass sneeze guard protects your heated food displays from contaminants while still allowing full view of foods. Store or display safely.

Rolling Base for Mobility The lockable castor wheels allow you to easily reposition the food warmer stand where needed or roll away for storage when not in use. Sturdy yet mobile.

Removable Water Reservoir Prevents Drying The built-in water reservoir introduces humidity to prevent delicate foods from drying out over long holding times. Easily accessed and cleaned.

Stainless Steel Exterior and Food Pans The full stainless steel construction allows for easy cleaning and sanitation while the included food pans give ready-to-use functionality out of box.

Available Sizes:

  • 3 Ft (36”L) Holds up to 6 Half Steam Table Pans
  • 4 Ft (48”L) Holds up to 8 Half Steam Table Pans
  • 5 Ft (60”L) Holds up to 10 Half Steam Table Pans

Keep Your Hot Foods Tempting for Hours Allow customers to serve themselves convenient hot snacks and sides while you maintain quality with the high-performing Snacks Food Warmer available in multiple lengths.

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