Rotary Oven

electric or gas tunnel oven, electric diesel gas rotary rack oven, baking cake bread deck oven, hot air convection oven, dough spiral mixer, cake planetary mixer, milk mixer, retarder proofer, main engine of the fermenting room, dough divider, dough divider and rounder, toast moulder, french baguette moulder, pastry sheeter, toast slicer, etc.


Commercial Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliance Gas Electric bakery kitchen baking equipment

 Name Power supply  model  External  size(mm)  Weight(KG)  Voltage(V)  drive Power(KW)
rack oven
 width  depth  height
Electric  JY-100D  2000  1800  2400  1300  380 2.5
Diesel  JY-100C  2000  1800  2400 1300  380 2.5
Gas  JY-100R  2000  1800  2400  1300  380 2.5
  1. Applied German most mature baking technology, lower energy.
  2. By using German design of 3 air outlets to ensure the even baking temperature of the chamber and the penetrating power of hot wind. The baking products have uniform color and a delicious taste .
  3. A perfect combination of high quality stainless steel and the imported components to ensure more stable quality and the high performance of the oven.
  4. The burner is using the Japan Olympia brand or original imported from Italy, low oil consumption and high performance.
  5. With using the Taiwan imported insulation cotton which thickness achieved 135mm, we can make high efficiency effects of heat preservation.
  6. Optional function: strong steam function.
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