Potato Peeler

Potato Peeler Commercial Features:

●  This heavy duty stainless steel potato peeler was built for speed and durability, making it a powerful ally in situations in which potato peeling is a priority.
●  Non Slip Rubber Feet–The potato peeler comes with unyielding non slip rubber feet so it remains steadfast during high intensity potato peeling sessions.
●  Stainless Steel Body–The structure is built to be durable with quality grade stainless steel making it ideal for use in restaurants, hotels and other commercial environments.
●  High Speed–This machine makes quick work of potatos, with an average 36kg peeling time



Power: 1.5kw
Voltage: 380V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Production Capacity:1080-2160kg/h
Capacity: 30L
Net Weight:72kg


Potato Peeler

This heavy duty stainless steel potato peeler can efficiently peel potatoes, sweet potatoes and other ingredients

Commercial Electric Potato Peeler, Stainless Steel Potato Peeler Machine


Potato Peeler

Model No.



Stainless Steel









Net Weight






Potato Peeler Commercial

Potato Peeler Commercial 30L can save your time and increase kitchen output without extensive prep time.
This peeler is suitable for use in high-volume like potatoes, ginger, carrots and other vegetables and fruits.
Having the functions of fast peeling, smooth operation and no damage to the pulp, this Commercial Potato Peeler
is perfect for restaurants,schools and other places.

Potato Peeler Commercial -30L

Constructed of premium stainless steel, not rust, this peeling machine with the
advantages of good appearance,easy to operate and clean, highly efficient, long
for use and meet the health standards.
It can peel 1080-2160kg/h without wasting a lot of time waiting,which greatly
improves the efficiency of the kitchen.



Potato Peeler Commercial
20220825645 20220824474 20220824796
One-key start:
This Commercial Potato Peeler
has simple controls with an Precision
waterproof switch,One-key start, safe
and fast,safer to use
Convenient water inlet:
Convenient water inlet, easy to connect
the water pipe,more convenient for
water injection and cleaning
Quick decontamination
Having its own filter system,this
peeler could be more environmental
friendly.A drain on the bottom of the unit
removes waste water, allowing it to
be released into a floor drain or bucket.
20220824595 Efficient-to-Use
Having its own material barrel.
The pulp is not damaged during the
high-strength potato peeling process.
When peeled clean, the pulp can
slide safely to the exit.
Potato Peeler Commercial Convenient exit
Large diameter discharge port
can quickly discharge the pulp.
Work fast with an average
weight of 1080-2160kg/h
Potato Peeler Commercial

Premium Performance

Stainless Steel Body-Durable and anti-corrosion, stable body is not easy to break,
safe and environmentally friendly, easy to clean Remain stable-Equipped with sturdy,
the high-strength potato remains stable during peeling.
Easy to move-Four rolling wheels (Wheels need to be purchased separately) at the
end make it easy to move to the ideal position,making it easy to position kitchen utensils



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