industrial gas cooker with oven 6burners and 4 burner

This industrial gas cooker with oven 6burners and 4 burner help cooking faster and cleaner as it can also independently controlled open burners made for high-volume stove top cooking. Removable cast iron grate designed for commercial use.


This industrial gas cooker with oven 6burners and 4 burner come with  incredible stove top cooking power with six and Four high-performance open burners.

This commercial-grade cooker cranks out a massive 92,000 BTU maximum heat output to handle the most demanding restaurant, cafeteria, or catering kitchen tasks.

Each ultra-responsive brass valve and cast iron burner head delivers up to 23,000 BTUs for instant high heat.

The removable cast iron grate provides versatility.

With precision burner control and superior heat output, this cooker simplifies everything from boiling huge stock pots of pasta to searing flawless wok dishes simultaneously.


  • 6 Open burner provide 92,000 BTUs max
  • 4 Open Burner provide 62,000 BTUs max
  • Independently controlled brass valves
  • Cast iron burner heads and grate
  • Stainless steel exterior housing
  • Removable drip tray catches spills
  • commercial use
  • Powerful enough for cooking
  • 1-year warranty

Unbeatable 92,000 and 62,000 BTUs Maximum Heat that Cook Anything Instantly.

Ultra-Responsive Precision Control Seamlessly fine-tune flame heights to boil, sear, blacken or simmer.

Commercial-Grade Cast Iron Components The thick, rugged cast iron stands up to extreme heat while distributing it evenly.

Designed for High-Volume Cooking From the powerful burners to stainless housing, this cooker is made to withstand the busiest kitchens.

Step up your stove top cooking capacity with the Industrial Gas Cooker! This powerful unit helps you cook high volumes simultaneously with responsiveness and control.

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