Gas Rotisseries Chicken


Gas Rotisseries Chicken are great for roasting chicken, duck, lamb, and more. Thus, it can help us bake delicious food efficiently, save cooking time, save energy and electricity, and facilitate cleaning.

This chicken rotisserie is ideal for delicatessens, rotisserie chicken shops, restaurants, and more. With this rotisserie chicken,

you can serve delicious cooked food to your valued customers. In addition, due to the unique heat transfer tube design, the heating is faster and lasts longer.

In short, our greatest wish is to provide you with excellent performance, high roasting efficiency, and safe Gas Rotisseries Chicken machine.


● Interior lighting
● Inside is completely removable for easy cleaning
● Easy thermostatically controlled
● Spit and basket interchangeable
● All stainless steel body
● High-performance burner to make a balanced distribution of heat.
● Convenient to observe the roasting process and have good heat insulation, ensuring good taste.


Rotary Rotisseries
Power Type: Gas
Heat Power:20kw
Specifications: Gas, 24-30chickens
Net Weight:85kg
Material: Stainless Steel

Gas Rotisseries Chicken

Efficiently roasts all the most popular roast chicken, and duck!
At the same time, grill evenly and bake without smoke, providing
nutritious and delicious food. Each layer of the Rotary Rotisseries
has an independent switch. Thus, it can be adjusted to control the
fire switch firepower, a more convenient operation. Otherwise, the
parameter of this machine is 20kw heat power and 50-300 Temperature.
So, you have enough space and heat for thorough cooking.


Gas Rotary Rotisseries
Rotary Rotisseries
Electric heating control panel

Because each layer has an independent
temperature adjustment knob. So it
can roast chicken to different degrees
at one time. Easy to use.
Rotary Rotisseries Stainless steel heating tube
There are stainless steel S-type
heating tubes. Not only resist high
temperatures but also Fast heating
and durability.
High-temperature tempered glass

Using high temperature-resistant
tempered glass. Not only heat
insulation but also safe. Good
insulation effect.
Rotary Rotisseries High-quality handle
Rotate evenly. Because the high-quality
the handle is highly durable. So it is not
easily damaged. Otherwise, Stainless steel
body, easy-to-clean grease
Gas Rotary Rotisseries

High Performance

1. Oil pan
Because of humanized design. So it is easy to receive grease and clean up more convenient
2. Lighting
Equipped with lighting and high-temperature resistance, etc., to observe the baking process
3. Stainless steel body
The whole stainless steel body and the interior is completely removable

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