Gas Cooker with Electric Oven

Gas Cooker with Electric Oven, this versatile cooker combines high-powered gas burners for stovetop cooking with a convection electric oven for even baking. Durable stainless steel build made for commercial kitchens.


This Gas Cooker with Electric Oven combines the power of gas burners with the precision of an electric oven. With rugged stainless steel construction and user-friendly design, it streamlines cooking tasks while providing versatility.

The gas cooktop features multiple high-powered burners to boil, sear, and simmer with responsive temperature control.

Also with it spacious electric oven that bakes and roasts food evenly with its circulating convection heat.

With the combo of gas and electric in one durable unit, this cooker can tackle an array of cooking jobs efficiently. It’s ideal for busy commercial kitchens.


  • Powerful gas burners for stove top cooking
  • Convection electric oven for baking
  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Oven timer with auto shut-off
  • Interior oven light for monitoring
  • Rugged cast iron grates
  • Designed for commercial use

Responsive Gas Burner Control
Quickly boil, sear, or simmer with precise flame adjustments using the control knobs.

Even Electric Oven Heat The convection fan circulates hot air to prevent hot and cold spots for uniform baking.

User-Friendly Operation Easily set cooking times and temperatures for the burners and oven with the adjustable controls.

Monitor Foods Without Losing Heat The interior light lets you check progress while minimizing heat loss by opening the door.

Built to Last From the stainless steel body to the cast iron grates, this cooker is made to perform in busy kitchens.

Tackle cooking tasks with ease using the Gas Cooker with Electric Oven. This powerful, versatile unit combines the strengths of gas and electric for maximum functionality.

Order now to bring speed, precision, and durability to your commercial kitchen!

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