Fresh Meat Display Chiller

Keep meats perfectly chilled and appetizingly displayed with this Fresh Meat Display Chiller, durable stainless steel build, forced air cooling to 2~8ºC, sliding rear doors for easy access. Ideal for supermarkets and butcher shops.


Presenting high-quality meats appetizingly is vital for restaurant, supermarket and grocery stores.

Our commercial Fresh Meat Display Chiller keeps cuts looking their absolute best under optimal temperature control.

This attractive display case features a durable stainless steel exterior with sliding rear doors for easy stocking.

Inside, powerful forced-air refrigeration chills meats down to 34°F for freshness and safety compliance.

The bed of ice beneath meat packs adds extra chill while illuminating contents beautifully.

With dynamic cooling technology in a commercial-grade body, this self-contained display case takes visual merchandising to the next level.

Draw more customers to your fresh meat selection!


  • Cools meats down to 2~8ºC temperature.
  • Forced-air refrigeration system.
  • Sliding rear doors for restocking.
  • Bed of ice for extra chill factor.
  • Enhances meat appearance.
  • Durable stainless steel exterior.
  • Designed for commercial use.
  • Self-contained refrigeration.
  • Casters allow easy relocation.

Safe Chilling to 2~8ºC Powerful cooling keeps meats out of the bacteria “danger zone” for food safety.

Enhances Visual Appeal The bed of ice beneath packaged meats adds sparkle to draw the eye.

Easy Access for Loading The sliding rear doors let you quickly load in fresh meat packages.

Self-Contained Unit No need for external compressor or venting like a refrigerator. Plug & play!

Withstands Commercial Use The stainless steel body and forced-air cooling handle constant use.

Showcase your quality meats in the best possible light with the Fresh Meat Display Chiller. This attractive merchandiser combines optimal chilling and brilliant lighting!

Order now to spotlight your meat selection!

3meters built-in system flip cover deli food showcase:

Product specification Product picture
Model No. GHG-30K Upright /Vertical/Square Fresh Meat Display Chiller
Tem setting 2~8 celsius
Cooling model Fan cooling
Rated power 950W
Size 3000*1180*1310mm
Package size 3100*1280*1410mm
Compressor Panasonic/Danfoss
Compressor system Self-contain
Refrigerant R22a/R404a
Thermostat Digital control
Body 50mm thickness
Location of cooling system Bottom
Power consumption 9kw.h/24h
Glass Tempered

The cooling principle of the meat chiller  is to use the cold air to blow out from the back and bottom part,
so that the cold air can be evenly covered to every corner of the air curtain cabinet and all the foods can
achieve a balanced and perfect fresh-keeping effect.

Upright /Vertical/Square Fresh Meat Display Chiller

Upright /Vertical/Square Fresh Meat Display Chiller     Upright /Vertical/Square Fresh Meat Display Chiller

Specification of different type meat chiller:

                                                           1.5meters meat chiller
Model GHE-15 Compressor Panasonic/Danfoss
Dimension 1500*1180*930mm Refrigeration R22/R134a
Temperature -2~8ºC Model refrigeration Fan cooling
Power 450W Volume 300L


                                                           2meters meat chiller
Model GHE-20 Compressor Panasonic/Danfoss
Dimension 2000*1180*930mm Refrigeration R22/R134a
Temperature -2~8ºC Model refrigeration Fan cooling
Power 650W Volume 400L


                                                           2.5meters meat chiller
Model GHE-25 Compressor Panasonic/Danfoss
Dimension 2500*1180*930mm Refrigeration R22/R134a
Temperature -2~8ºC Model refrigeration Fan cooling
Power 850W Volume 500L


                                                           3meters meat chiller
Model GHE-30 Compressor Panasonic/Danfoss
Dimension 3000*1180*930mm Refrigeration R22/R134a
Temperature -2~8ºC Model refrigeration Fan cooling
Power 1250W Volume 700L

Upright /Vertical/Square Fresh Meat Display Chiller


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