Electric Pizza Oven EP-1-1

Serving up perfect, artisanal-style pizzas requires high heat and an oven designed specifically for pizza, this Electric Pizza Oven delivers the fast, intense heat needed to create pizzeria-quality pies with beautifully blistered crusts and melting cheese.


With a spacious interior, programmable settings, and durable stainless steel build, this oven bakes pizza after pizza to absolute perfection. Give your customers that authentic pizza parlor experience from the convenience of your commercial kitchen.


  • Reaches temperatures up to 50-500°C
  • Heats up in just 15 minutes
  • Insulated for heat retention
  • Programmable baking settings
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Double-layer glass door
  • Interior oven light
  • Removable crumb trays

Intense Heat for Perfect Crust
The high temperatures ensure your crust gets evenly crisped and charred while the toppings heat through.

Quick Preheat Times The powerful heating elements bring the oven to 50-500°C in just 15 minutes so you can start baking pizzas immediately.

Retains Heat for Consistency
The insulation traps heat to maintain a consistent baking environment across every pizza for uniform results.

Customizable Settings
Program the oven with optimal times and temperatures for different pizza recipes to achieve your ideal texture and doneness.

Designed for Commercial Kitchens The stainless steel build allows this oven to withstand heavy use. Removable crumb trays make cleaning easy.

Serve crave-worthy pizzas with the authentic char and chew your customers love. The Electric Pizza Oven bakes pizzeria-quality pies quickly and consistently.

Order now to make pizza perfection!

1. Top and bottom heat is controlled by the most accurate electronics.
2. Superior insulation to keep the heat in&the outside cool.
3. An exceptional oven that is suitable for all types of baking.
4. Each deck is complete with timer for individual deck by deck control.
Electric Pizza Oven
Power Type: Electric
Chamber Size:910x610x140mm
Description:1 Layer(6×12″ pizza)
Net Weight:88kg
Material:Stainless Steel
Overall Dimensions:
Length: 1120mm
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