Convection Oven

Commercial convection oven cooks food quickly and evenly. Convection fan circulates hot air to prevent cold spots. Ideal for high-volume cooking in restaurants and catering businesses.


Managing a commercial kitchen requires cooking large batches of food quickly and consistently. That’s why a convection oven is essential for baking, roasting, and cooking everything from meats to casseroles with speed and precision.

Our powerful convection oven evenly circulates hot air using a fan to prevent cold spots.

Foods cook faster and come out perfectly browned on all sides.

Adjustable racks provide flexibility while the durable stainless steel interior withstands constant use.

With precise temperature control, consistent heat distribution, and heavy-duty construction, this convection oven simplifies cooking high volumes of food to perfection every time.


  • Convection fan evenly circulates hot air
  • Digital temperature control for accuracy
  • Interior light for monitoring through glass door
  • Stainless steel interior for easy cleaning
  • 4 adjustable rack positions
  • 62L capacity cavity
  • Heavy insulation retains heat
  • Designed for commercial kitchen use
  • Stackable to save floor space

Fast, Even Cooking Throughout The convection fan distributes heat so foods cook thoroughly without hot or cold spots.

Maintains Consistent Temperature
Precisely control cooking temp to achieve desired doneness from rare to well done.

Moisture Retention for Delicious Results Circulating air seals in moisture so meats stay tender and baked goods retain freshness.

Monitor Food Without Losing Heat The interior light and glass window let you check food quickly without lowering oven temp.

Flexible Rack Positions Fit a variety of pans and dishes with 4 different rack slots.

Withstands Heavy Use The stainless steel case and heavy-duty motor handle high-volume cooking day after day.

Simplify batch cooking and achieve consistent results with the Convection Oven. The circulating fan provides fast, even cooking for high-quality food.

Order now to cook faster and better!

Convection oven Features

1. 62L capacity cavity 460x375x360 mm
2. 360°C hi-limit ensures safety operation
3. Stainless steel cavity or ceramic coating cavity 120 minutes timer with bell
4. Steel handle fixed by Bakelite base
5. Dual round heaters plus two high speed motors Stainless steel baffle to generate heat more evenly Timing and heating indicators
6. Chamber light for better view of cooking process Nickel coating pan support
7. Four aluminum baking trays 325x450mm Optional wiring grid 325x450mm
8. Good insulation at 5 sides
9. Door latch opens at 90°for easy access to the cavity Level distance is 75mm
10. Double toughened visual glass for better view and to keep cool to touch

Convection oven Specifications

YXD Convection Oven
Capacity:4x454x327mm Trays
Description:Inner Chamber Enamel
Net Weight:38kg
Size:25L Food Mixer
Overall Dimensions:
Length: 530mm
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