Commercial Dishwasher

Unlock efficiency in your kitchen with our high-performance Commercial Dishwasher, streamline your operations by effortlessly cleaning and sanitizing dishes, glassware, and utensils, ensuring impeccable hygiene standards. Save time and resources, and elevate your culinary service to new heights with this essential appliance.




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Washing dishes in a busy restaurant, cafeteria or bar is a never-ending task. That’s why our Commercial Dishwasher is invaluable for powering through high volumes of plates, glasses and cutlery quickly and reliably.

This high-powered dishwasher uses less water and energy than hand washing while delivering sparkling clean results every time.

The durable stainless steel interior stands up to heavy use while the large capacity racks ensure you can clean stacks of dishes efficiently.

Simplify clean up and save on labor costs with this workhorse dishwasher – the most useful tool in your commercial kitchen!


  • Powerful spray jets remove stubborn residue
  • High temperature sanitizing rinse
  • Large capacity racks
  • Energy efficient operation
  • Durable stainless steel interior
  • Automatic detergent and rinse dispensers
  • Short wash cycles for fast turnover
  • Easy front controls operation

Saves Water and Energy

Uses up to 70% less water than hand washing while conserving energy.

Cleans Large Volumes

The sizable dish racks allow you to clean stacks of plates, glasses, pans, trays efficiently.

Easy, Reliable Performance

With automatic dispensers and simple controls, using this dishwasher is effortless.

Built to Last

Constructed from stainless steel to withstand heavy usage in commercial settings.

Tackle piles of dirty dishes with ease using the Commercial Dishwasher. This high-powered workhorse delivers sparkling results in no time!

Order now for easy, efficient dishwashing.


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