Chafing Dish

Serving edible, palatable and delicious food is essential for successful catering events and buffet service. With this Chafing Dish, you can keep food warm at safe holding temperatures for hours, Specially designed for commercial kitchens.




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Key Features:

  • Durable 201 grade stainless steel construction with mirror finish
  • Seamless deep pan design with 2.5 inch depth
  • Sturdy steel frame with folding legs and handles for portability
  • Includes water pan and food pan with lift-out design
  • Tight-fitting dome lid with vent holes for heat retention
  • Holds up to 4 half-hotel pans or 2 full-size pans

Uses and Benefits:

Used to easily keep food warm, this chafing dish is ideal for catering, hotel banquets, residential events, restaurants, and more.

With the seamless design and smooth edges make it easy to clean.

The snug lid ensures moisture and heat stay locked in so foods don’t dry out. Meanwhile, vent holes let some steam escape to prevent condensation.

Made with light metal that can last for years of heavy use.

This chafing dish enables you to cater for large events seamlessly and professionally.

Product Specifications:


  chafing dish

Model No.



Stainless Steel



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