Bone Saw Machine J10

Bone Saw Features:

●  Suitable for cutting through various meat bones, frozen meat,
poultry and fish with ease.
●  Stainless steel sliding table and fence components.
●  Built-in grinder makes processing fast and easy.
●  Has a front access panel for easy clean up.
●  The upright design takes up less room.



Power:2.2 kw
Voltage:220/380 V
Commodity Height:225/192mm
Belt Wheel Dia.:210 mm
Blade Speed:15m/s
Length of Saw Blade:1650mm
Table Dimensions:500x400mm
Net Weight:46kg
Material: Spray Painting


Bone Saw

The movable table of the JG Bone Saw  JG210CA  is convenient to work, and the whole machine is specialized in cutting bones,
ribs, frozen meat, fish, and large meat. The originally imported saw blade is used, which has a good safety factor. It can be directly
disassembled and washed without a dead angle. The saw belt is kept too tight, and the motor is kept too hot. It is truly safe, hygienic,
and convenient. Our best will is to provide you with premium performance, high efficiency, and a safe Bone Saw Machine.

Meat Cutter–JG210CA

Commercial kitchen special sawbones machine, stainless steel body,
durable. Six-weight advantages, stainless steel countertop, built-in
grinder, sharp saw blade, strong gear drive, emergency switch, easy
cleaning. One machine, cut at will: cut ribs, cut pig’s trotters, cut
frozen meat, cut chicken, etc. Free your hands, eat all kinds of food
and do it freely.

Bone Saw
bone cutting machine bone cutting machine meat cutter
Sharp saw bar
Sharp cut, durable without frequent
changing of saw strips. High-quality
saw blade, sharp, uniform, and stable.
Intimate protection 
Designed with a safety knife cover
to prevent cuts, easy to use, safe
and reliable.
Use safety
High-performance switches are
convenient, durable, and convenient.
You can use it with confidence.
Bone Saw meat cutter meat cutter
High quality 
In addition, there is a door lid handle,
adjust the thickness baffle, adjust the
saw blade loose handle.


Using high-quality rotating shaft belt wheel,
gear drive saw blade, stable operation, and
fast speed. Open the door power, details
prevent cut handle, use peace of mind.

Working table

Strong and durable, thickened stainless
steel countertop.But also easy to keep,
clean and maintain, and even wipe clean
at the end.
Bone Saw Bone Saw Machine
This Bone Saw Machine is made of high-quality stainless
steel material, beautiful and pollution-free, simple and clean,
clean and do not leave traces, sanitary use is more secure.
And increases the weight and service life of the whole body,
to ensure the stability of the machine in the process
of high-frequency work.


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