Bain Marie Food Warmer

This bain marie food warmer with adjustable temperature can helps keep food warm, palatable and at optimum serving temperature. Built with tempered Stainless steel and display glasses with water heating element gently warms foods. Ideal for caterers, cafeterias and restaurant etc.




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Serving warm, fresh food quickly is crucial for restaurants, caterers, shopping malls and snacks shops. That’s why our commercial Bain Marie Food Warmer is invaluable for keeping food fresh, warm, palatable and more at safe holding temperatures without overcooking.

This high-quality food warmer features a durable strong stainless steel well with a built-in water heating element to gently heat foods from the bottom up. Adjustable temperature controls allow precise full control of the heat and customization while serving well neatly displayed foods for your customers.

With its spacious capacity and easy-to-clean construction, this bain marie food warmer simplifies holding everything from sauces to meats and veggies at their optimum serving temperature.


  • Stainless steel wells for durability
  • Tempered glass sneeze guards
  • Spacious 4-well capacity
  • Steam table to help maintain heat
  • Flat heating element for easy cleaning
  • Designed for commercial use.

Benefits and Uses:

All Day Holding: The steam table helps to maintain temperature and consistent warmth for extended periods so foods stay fresh, tender and delicious even during busy rushes.

Stylish Display and Protection: The tempered glass guards allow easy food viewing while preventing contamination.

User-Friendly Cleaning and Maintenance: The flat heating element and removable wells enable easy access for cleaning.

Made with a strong stainless steel pan, covered with display glasses and display light which makes it easy to see what is in the display warmer clearly at night.

Bain Marie Food Warmer is ideal for storing homemade dishes such as stir-fries, dumplings, soups, and more.

It can help keep delicious food warm and keep dishes fresh. With thickened tempered glass, it resists bacterial contamination.

This food warmer saves energy (gentle heat without overcooking) and electricity for easy cleaning. Suitable for caterers, cafeterias, banquet halls, restaurants, etc.

This Bain Marie Food Warmer not only helps to maintain the serving temperature of prepared food, but also prevents spoilage and loss of flavor, thus extending its shelf life.

It is our wish to provide you with excellent performance, efficient and safe Bain Marie food warmer.

Additional Features:

The whole machine is thickened stainless steel structure
1. Resistant to oil stains, easier to clean.
2. Prevent food from qualitative change and ensure food safety.

With glass cover
1. It can block droplets and germs to ensure the safety of customers’ meals.
2. It can prevent dust from contaminating food and affect the taste of food.

Large capacity disk
1. Can load larger portions of dishes.
2. You can match the plate as you like.

Bain Marie Food Warmer –BV12-2 Specifications:

  1. Thickened tempered glass.
  2. This warm has 12 pans,2.5kW power and an adjustable temperature of 30-80℃ to prevent food spoilage.
  3. With this warmer, you can serve delicious meals to your customers.
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