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Baking Tray for Oven


Commercial-grade baking tray for Oven made of thick stainless steel for even heat distribution. Perfect for high-volume bakeries and restaurants baking rolls, cookies, cakes.

Bread Dough Proofer 16 Tray


The proofer is designed to provide a specific temperature and relative humidity conditions to boost yeast activity of the fermenting, has a water tray to improve humidity, and can hold at any temperature you choose, Perfect for rising and fermenting yeast bread dough or sourdough with humid

Bread Dough Proofer 32 Tray


This Bread Dough Proofer 32 Tray can help to:

1. The Luxurious series of fermentation tanks are made of single-layer stainless steel
2. Boiled water-type fermentation, durable, not easy to rust
3.  Easy to operate.
4. Can be customized with automatic water inlet device.

Combi-Steamer Oven


●  The combi-steamer fulfils all cooking programs, like baking, broiling cooking and
●  Convenient control knobs, simply call up cooking programs, quickly and reliably
●  A core probe monitors the center temperature of the food to make sure the
color, smell and taste are best

Convection Oven


Commercial convection oven cooks food quickly and evenly. Convection fan circulates hot air to prevent cold spots. Ideal for high-volume cooking in restaurants and catering businesses.

Convection Oven LR-10D

1. Equipped with two timers,one for baking,the other for steaming.
2. The inside and outside of the oven area all constructed from stainless steel, with a heat-resistant glass door with silica-gel air-proof gasket.
3. The oven is also equipped with two fans (for 8 trays), baking is optimized thanks to the perfect heating system and the possibility of spraying steam as needed.
4. Easily taken down door which makes for easy cleaning.
5. Air convection ,fast baking
6. Powerful steam
7. Gas convection oven can hold from 1 tray to 3 trays ,5 trays, 8trays and 10 trays,tray size:400*600mm
8. Adjustable steaming time, good for french baguette

Electric Bread Baking Oven

1.High quality stainless steel
2.Fryer baskets with plastic handles to avoid scalding hands
3.High efficient heating tubes with rapid heating function
4.Temperature control probe

Electric Pizza Oven EP-1-1


Serving up perfect, artisanal-style pizzas requires high heat and an oven designed specifically for pizza, this Electric Pizza Oven delivers the fast, intense heat needed to create pizzeria-quality pies with beautifully blistered crusts and melting cheese.

Gas Cooker with Electric Oven


Gas Cooker with Electric Oven, this versatile cooker combines high-powered gas burners for stovetop cooking with a convection electric oven for even baking. Durable stainless steel build made for commercial kitchens.

Gas Deck Oven 2Deck 4-6Trays


1.High quality stainless steel
2.Fryer baskets with plastic handles to avoid scalding hands
3.High efficient heating tubes with rapid heating function
4.Temperature control probe

Gas Deck Oven 3Deck 9 Tray

A. High-quality stainless steel, beautiful appearance, simple linear structure, easy to install and maintain.

B. The oven uses world-class electrical and operating parts to provide even heating.
C. The top and bottom firepower of the oven are independently controlled, and the temperature and time can be controlled independently to provide the best baking conditions.
D. There is a light in the oven to directly observe the baking in the oven through the glass.
E. The oven’s overheat protection device can cut off the power supply when it is over temperature, which is safe and reliable.

Microwave Oven


Managing a commercial kitchen requires speed and efficiency. That’s why our heavy-duty microwave oven is invaluable for reheating leftovers and preparing foods fast. This powerful unit will streamline your cooking processes.

With simple controls, versatile functions, and durable stainless steel construction, this microwave can handle the demands of your bustling restaurant, cafeteria, or catering operation.


  • 800 watts of power for fast heating
  • 10 power levels for cooking flexibility
  • Capacity of 0.9 cubic feet
  • Easy-to-use digital control panel
  • Stainless steel interior for durability
  • See-through door to monitor cooking
  • Stackable design to save space
  • Safety features including child lock

Rapid Reheating for Serving Speed
With 800 watts of power, this microwave quickly reheats refrigerated foods to safe serving temperatures. Minimize wait times for customers even during the busiest rushes.

Precision Cooking for Great Results The 10 power levels allow you to fine-tune the exact amount of heat to suit different foods. Gently simmer sauces, melt chocolate, or bake potatoes with the touch of a button.

Spacious Interior Accommodates Large Items The 0.9 cubic foot capacity provides plenty of room for casserole dishes, entire plates of food, and other sizable items.

Designed for Busy Commercial Kitchens The fingerprint-proof stainless steel interior cleans up easily after heavy use. The see-through door lets you monitor foods without disrupting the cooking process.

Compact and Stackable
With its smaller footprint, this unit maximizes countertop space. The stackable design allows vertical storage to save room.

Streamline your kitchen’s workflow with the Commercial Microwave Oven. This powerful microwave will help you serve freshly cooked foods fast!

Pizza Baking Oven


Deck Oven

Sandwiches, melt cheese, and finish pizzas and flatbreads to perfection with the Mini Deck Oven!

1. All Stainless steel body.
2. Automatic thermostat.
3. Manual control with timer.

Mini Deck Oven
Power Type: Electric
Tray Size:415x430mm
Chamber Size:415x430x120mm
Description:Two-layer Two-tray
Net Weight:28kg
Material:Stainless Steel

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 560mm

Rotary Oven


electric or gas tunnel oven, electric diesel gas rotary rack oven, baking cake bread deck oven, hot air convection oven, dough spiral mixer, cake planetary mixer, milk mixer, retarder proofer, main engine of the fermenting room, dough divider, dough divider and rounder, toast moulder, french baguette moulder, pastry sheeter, toast slicer, etc.

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